shintaro and kano’s coping mechanisms are incredibly fucking unhealthy and damaging to themselves and everyone around them and bringing ayano back despite this without them coming to terms with their loss and rewarding shintaro’s suicide???? with ayano?? is fucking bad bye

i got into kagepro bc i was trying to procrastinate on chem hw not gonna lie

i love you so muc h ayano but

[drags back to the haze]


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AND HER SISTER like a sf fdg DAMN





i will bet 1000000 cupcakes that the last episode ends in ambiguous tragedy or it ends in tHE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

"ha ha hA" the snake laughs "i will always repeat this tragedy womb welcome to"

"no you wont" shitnaro shouts as he holds hands with friends "because we’ll……… REMEMBER THIS TIME"

"no " yells the snake. friendship game too strong. the snake………………………………

is snaked………. away…………………..

i need to reblog this to refer back to

it was real 


look if nothing else good happens in the anime:

  • we to meet kido’s hot sister
  • the setokano scene was really gay
  • we got to watch konoha eat an entire table’s worth of food
  • we got to meet azami properly
  • all the song covers are great
  • days + daze are great
  • seto hugged mary when the terrorists attacked the mall (anguished yelling)
  • graffiti/doodle rangers
  • the yuukei yesterday episode
  • ene appearing like a magical girl

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Tbh made me giggle when i found out

can we talk about how hot kido is

kano: [attempts to help ayano investigate the snake and keeps it a secret so the snake won't catch on, witnesses his big sister's death but is too late to stop it, allows himself to be abused and threatened in order to protect his remaining family members]
kido: bad. clean the bathroom for a month